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Aaron’s Finest Landscaping is proud to offer our premium Lawn Renovation service to new and old clients alike. A lawn renovation is a very effective way of strengthening your existing lawn. If your grass is patchy or showing stunted growth or if you’ve fallen behind on your regular lawn maintenance schedule your lawn could use a pick-me up. This is the service for you.

Our process begins with the use of a slit seeding machine that we’ll operate in 2 different directions on your lawn. It will pull up thatch and weeds while loosening hard compacted soil. As the machine works its way across your lawn it cuts a series of slits down through the thatch and soil. Each of these slits is injected with 15-20 high quality grass seeds. Once this step is complete, we rake up any loose thatch and debris the process has created and haul it away.

Next, we use a core aerator on the lawn. This machine has hollow tines that remove small plugs of soil at regular intervals. The holes these plugs leave behind become channels in your lawn that allow water, fertilizer and essential nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn. Your hard compacted soil can now breath and your grass’s root system can flourish.

After the aeration process is done, Aaron’s Finest Landscaping will apply a starter fertilizer to the renovated areas, greatly enhancing the growth of your newly seeded lawn.

Your newly renovated lawn is now in a perfect position to thrive. It can’t take care of itself however. As the property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the work you’ve had done will deliver the expected results. It is absolutely essential that you water your newly renovated lawn daily to keep it moist until the seed starts to germinate. If these instructions aren’t followed, the process has been done for nothing and your lawn will not grow as expected.

Trimming Hedges

Pruning and trimming help to promote the growth of strong and healthy plants, trees, hedges and shrubs. Pruning is also an excellent way to beautify your landscape while maintaining it’s ideal size. Having a jungle for a yard can offer some interesting views of the landscape in it’s natural state but it’s not ideal for your property.

Clean Up

We can cater our spring clean-up services to your specific needs and ensure you get the personalized grounds care services you actually care about whether that be tree trimming or garden bed care

Landscape Design

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, recognize how much time and effort you have to devote to your landscape design ideas and maintenance, and select appropriate plant materials.